Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Video ML Artis Korea

    The sexual casting couch in South Korean entertainment industry is known to the public. One of main reasons for those female celebrities to finally choose suicide is the stress from the fact that they were often forced into prostitution to provide sex favors to directors, executives and other powerful authority figures in the industry.
    Recently, many of sex video clips, shoot stealthily, of Korean female celebrities trading sex to the powerful figures were leaked online (the following are some screenshots). It was said the videos contain 37 series, in 107 GB. And many A-list and B-list actresses that were often seen as leading roles in Korean movies and dramas, were also involved.
    We have long heard of the “slave contract” to the celebrities in Korean Entertainment industry, and the main reason for Chinese singer and actor Han Geng (??), former Super Junior member, to quite the showbiz circle there was also related to the “slave contract”.
    But actually in Korean, many young people still want to enter that industry and hope to gain fame and money. They are willing to do whatever their supervisors want them to do, including drinking with powerful figures, providing sex favors, etc.

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