Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo and Video 9 Live a couple of Marriage Mass Nude in Jamaik

    What nonsense is made ​​of nine partners from the United States (U.S.). They decided to bulk menjalanipernikahan naked in a resort in Jamaica. By simply wearing a bridal veil, body paint and a lot of sun block, the ninth pair say the oath of allegiance on the coast of Negril, Jamaica right on Valentine's Day, 14 February. The bride carrying a bouquet of orchids which are also used to cover the front of their bodies.

    Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (17/02/2012).
    nude mass wedding was held by a resort in Jamaica, called The Hedonism II. In total there are 10 couples who had the opportunity to thank the wedding vows in a highly unusual circumstances of this. But the day before, a retired couple. This unique mass wedding accidentally recorded as a documentary. The mass wedding couples having nude is the contest winners were selected from about 100 other applicants. Applicants must answer the myriad of questions, one about why they want to start a new life in keadaanbugil. One of his partner replied: "We like each other while naked, so why not start a new life naked." "We are both happy do things crazy and wild, "said the other spouse. "This will be an unforgettable memory that will be remembered when we get older," said the other two pairs.

    The couple is also lucky to get a gift that is to stay 4 nights at the luxury resort. It is also likely to attract many couples from the U.S. and Canada to participate in this contest. nude wedding ritual is held once before in 2001. But then, this ritual controversy and criticism from residents and local authorities. Why, it is considered to have a negative impact on Jamaica's image in the eyes of international tourists. However, on 14 February, nude wedding ritual is running smoothly without any protest from local people.

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