Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miley Cyrus is 'epic,' Charlie Sheen says

    In December, Cyrus was criticized after a video posted on TMZ showed her smoking salvia, a herb legal in California, out of a bong and swearing. Cyrus later said the move was "a bad decision."
    In Cyrus began her acting career when she was eight and rose to fame with her role on "Hannah Montana," which ended in January after four seasons. She starred in her first major film, "The Last Song", with Hemsworth, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, last year. On Sunday, Cyrus won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress for her performance (see a list of winners).
    Hemsworth was recently cast in "The Hunger Games" alongside Jennifer Lawrence, while Cyrus is filming the sorority comedy "So Undercover" with friend Kelly Osbourne, who also defended her after the "bong" video surfaced.

    By the way
    Charlie Sheen may have bombed on tour. But he picked up at least one follower: Miley Cyrus. The pop star took over her 'Gypsy Heart' Twitter account after a two-year break from tweeting, posting, 'I'm not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @edyexelroze

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